Toys taking over? How to take back control?!

A new baby entering into your life comes with so many meaningful things; unconditional love, a new outlook on your existence and responsibilities – so many responsibilities!

But it also comes with a few less life changing things like toys – so many toys!

This was one of the many things I over looked whilst pregnant. Yes I knew we’d need a rattle or two, but I had no idea just how many brightly coloured, cleverly marketed bits of plastic we would need to keep our bundle of joy occupied!

I say need, as we really needed them- Amelie would not sit still, not even for a minute. It was a small price to pay in return for a hot cup of tea and some alone time (by this I mean a 30 second “speedy wee” as my Mother likes to call it! ?).

My only problem was where do I home all these toys?! Is there a big Yellow Storage somewhere dedicated to all this big yellow tack?

I’ve always been very house proud and absolutely had to have a neat home at all times. I was slowly realising that this was simply not possible with a small child and that I was going to have to throw in the towel and accept my home is now going resemble the assault course soft plays we so avidly attend! But then I remembered my motto, one that I have stuck by even when tidying my room as a young girl – everything has a home (and if it doesn’t find one!).

I set about finding the most practical, tatesful and budget friendly (cheap) storage solution I could.

1. Toy box- even if in white wood or grey to compliment our interior I was petrified of Amelie getting her fingers stuck, or even worse getting herself stuck inside! My anxiety was on a winning streak that week!

2. All toys to be kept in cute storage baskets in Amelie’s bedroom- very impartial, poor kid can’t be confined to one room!

3. Separate toys between her room and the living room in decorative baskets! Ding,ding,ding!! ?? Genuins (I was very slow getting off the mark with this one).

And so off I went to my all time favourite shop, and it did not disappoint! TK Maxx is such a gem of a store, but you do have to have a clear vision and some time on your hands if your going to find what you’re looking for. Before my search I meticulously thought out which toys were going where, this meant I knew exactly what size and shape baskets I was looking for.

At a savvy £9.99 this was perfect!! I also absolutely adore this print and so was over the moon!

I also picked up a beautiful little wicker basket here too for just £7.99! I wanted to add more texture into our living room and this was the perfect and practical way to do it.

Now it simply isn’t enough to just bung all toys in head first and leave bits bobbing out the top- this defeats the object of having them hidden and looks even more unsightly then having them out on display! To keep your home looking pristine and within your chosen style it’s a good idea to work out the best way to fit all the toys in with ease. This will shorten the time it takes you to tidy them up (it literally takes me a few minutes) and will allow you to place a throw smoothly over the top, creating a cosy, neat and homely finish.

People always ask me how do I keep such a tidy home? To which I take as a compliment and offer advice where I can. But I’ve also had negative comments such as “Do you even have a child?”, “Does your Daughter get to play with her toys?” And the answer was always yes, obviously yes .

My Daughter plays happily with her toys for as long as she likes- usually 5 to 7 minutes before she wants to read, dance or sing! Her toys live happily on the kitchen,bathroom, living room and all three bedroom floors when in action.

But they now also live beautifully out of sight whilst we enjoy our home.

Hey I didn’t have to throw in the towel after all! ?

Happy home finding!



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