The Magic of a Nursery Lies Within the Detail.

Four walls made from Pixie dust, a door created from candy floss and a window that looks out onto the Magic Kingdom – these are the foundations of our Daughter’s nursery.

Growing up I had the ability to make a very normal kitchen transform itself into the grand "Be our guest" scene from my beloved Disney classic Beauty and the Beast. In other words I had the most vivid imagination and still do to this day.

Imagination is where dreams are created. This for me is what life is all about, creating magical dreams and never settling until they all come true.

Scott and I learned very quickly that babies don’t come with an instruction manual (nor do they come with a mute button!) but what they do come with is pure, unconditional love and a crazy faith in you as parents to do right by them. We might not have all the parenting answers but what we do have is the gift to allow Amelie’s little mind and imagination bloom.

We want her to imagine and dream until her heart is content and if that means filling her room with magical accessories than so be it.

When hunting for Amelie’s nursery accessories I found that everything I loved had an extortionate price tag attached! I’ve always been told I have very expensive taste, but I’m so tight – um I mean "savvy" with money that I never actually purchase anything I love. This all changed a few years back when I realised if I searched like crazy I could buy exactly what I love at a price I also love too.

When putting the finishing touches to your little’s nursery "Think Goose". This is one of my favourite quotes from Disney’s Aristocats and basically means if you want to be a Goose, then think like a Goose. If you want to fill your child’s bedroom with fun things that they’ll love then think exactly like them. No kid wants a shelf full of crap they can’t touch, after all they’ll only find a way to reach it and break it anyway (I’m talking from experience here).

Accessories that aid playtime but also look gorgeous are my favourite. I picked up these super cute ice cream bubble cones in pink and white from Wilko last year. Amelie loves them as she’s in love with popping bubbles and I love them as they were a crazy savvy buy at just £1 each! (sadly Wilko no longer stock them, I’m never throwing these away)

Tiger is another shop that I recently fell in love with. It houses some weird but wonderful stuff in there all at a bargain prices. Amelie and I love to play "Ice cream lady", (as you can tell our days together are well spent!) I found these gorgeous wooden ice cream cones in there last year for just £2 each!

They even have little painted on sprinkles! Naturally I had to have one in very colour. Tiger only hold stock for a very short period of time so if you find something you love in there don’t think twice, if you do it will be gone.

Wilko have some very similar super cute wooden lolly pops in stock at the moment.You can shop them here:

Wilko wooden ice cream set

I knew that I wanted to have prints on the walls and one on display. The prints I chose were a quote to inspire, a magical castle to dream about and a pretty but traditional "A is for Amelie" print.

This one is my favourite, I absolutely love this quote and it features a flamingo – success! I found all three prints on Etsy and also Not On The High Street.

The frames were such a bargain from Wilko again. I took the backs off both to allow them to sit flush against the wall. You buy framed prints for your convince but they are so overly priced, always opt for the print only and buy your own.

You can shop the exact frames here:

Wilko white frame

If you’re like me and absolutely love choosing your little’s #ootd (outfit of the day) than you will love Amelie’s little flower hook. It also doubles up as a place to hang her Grobags- they take up so much room in the wardrobe and have such pretty designs I’d much rather have them out on display. The hook is actually not a hook at all, but in fact a door knob for a chest of draws. My clever father in law found a way to attach it to the wall whilst leaving enough hanging space. As you can probably guess the actual cute little clothes hooks werent within my budget.

You can shop this here:

HomeBase white flower hook

I’m a massive fan of the #selfie trend and so when I discovered the #shelifie trend I was as you can imagine beside myself! I knew I needed to find shelves at a bargain price as they were only going to be homing light, decorative pretties but I still wanted them to be good quality. I browsed all the normal high street shops before I found this set of three shelves from the mecca of all bargain stores B & M. Believe it or not they are great quality and a total steal at £9.99!

You can shop them here:

B & M set of three white shelves

#shelfie details From L to R:

Little white cloud is actually a magnetic wall hook that I purchased from eBay, it looked better on here than it did on the wall. Websites are selling these for such ridiculous prices, but if you don’t mind waiting a while (they have to travel from China) then this is the best place to buy: Little White Cloud

Her Fairy door, complete with bottled "fairy Dust" and key came from none other than the magical Fairy world Card Factory! Yup you read that right. I fell head over heels for these as I believed so much in fairies as a little girl myself I wanted to re-create the same magic for Amelie. I was so disappointed when the cheapest I found was at £9.99, I know this doesn’t seem like much, but when your savings your pennies for that gorgeous Laura Ashley rug it really is. Whilst buying the annual Christmas cards, I thought my eyes were deceiving me – £2.99 it read, a gorgeous, PINK, magical fairy door with its own accessories for £2.99!!! Sadly they no longer stock them, but keep your eyes peeled for this year, I’ve got a sneaky feeling they’ll be back.

Her "Amelie Bunny" is from a really adorable Insta shop that turns your darlings first every baby grow into a beautiful little dress for their very own bunny to wear. You can find this very talented lady here: Amelie Bunny

Her cloud banner was another steal! I managed to nab this in a one off sale from a really neat Insta shop all the way in Australia. The super cool @kobyandthefox had just one of these to sell and so offered it on Instagram at a one off bargain price. Amelie’s crazy feeding times and Aus’s crazy time difference worked in sync perfectly and the banner was mine! You snooze you lose.

And last but not least her wooden ‘A’. I found this on my weekly TK Maxx browse, it was £3.99 in clearance as it needed a little love. A fresh lick of white paint and some fabulous felt flowers later, this beauty was created. the talented lady behind the flowers, also made Amelie’s first ever bows! You can find more of her pretty talents on Instagram @beautifuly.boho

Instagram has been the most amazing place for me to find so many talented people who make such gorgeous things! I recently came across the most stunning dream catchers on there and absolutely had to have one for Amelie!

@wild_blossom makes a range of beautiful dream catchers like this one as well as the prettiest floral crowns.

Ever since Amelie was born Scott and I would read to her three times a day. Cute book shelves were an absolute must for her room. I found this lovely set of two in Next. They were a little bit more than I’d like to have paid but I just couldn’t resist.

Storage baskets are such a clever way to keep toys stored neatly whilst adding to the decor of the room at the same time. I’m a massive lover of TK Maxx and found this perfectly fitting basket at a bargain price. TK Maxx can be quite a hard shop to shop in, you have to really visualise what it is you’re looking for before hand and then search like mad until you find it.

And there you have it, a nursery filled up gorgeous details all at a bargain price by having a Savvy outlook on shopping.

Amelie’s room was recently featured on a baby and lifestye page on Instagram where it recived over 5,000 likes in a matter of hours! This just goes to show you can have a #InstaFamous bedroom on a #notsofamous budget!

Happy imagining little ones.



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