Our Visit to the Pumpkin Patch.

Brown and beige have always been my favourite colours- boring I know, but they remind me so much of Autumn!

Leaves begin to brown and fall making the cold hard pavement look pretty and full of wonder. The weather allows you to wrap up in soft oversized jumpers and has there ever been a better time to cosy up on the sofa with your favourite person in your ever so warm throw, with a cup of something hot in your favourite mug?! This is hands down my favourite season of the year.

If however all that sitting and hot cuppa drinking gets a little potato couch-ish or like me you have a young child who will not sit and play with her toys for more than 5 minutes, then you’ll be wanting to get out and explore these gorgeous Autumn days.

On Saturday we hit the jackpot with a seasonal savvy day out!

The pumpkin patch at Crockford Bridge Farm In New Haw (just off the M25 Junction 11) is the place to be! We are lucky enough to live nearby such a gorgeous garden centre, and so having fallen in love with it here last year I just knew I’d have to make our pumpkin party a new annual family tradition!

As soon as you arrive you’re met with the cutest little area filled with Christmas market style food huts (I say huts- there’s two to be precise), fun photo props to capture your afternoon and benches for you to park your buggies by, dump the many layers you have taken off (how confusing is this weather!?) and make your base for the day.

The pumpkins themselves are perfectly arranged for you to browse through at your lesuire. Amelie was obsessed with them all and couldn’t stop looking at them!

They have such a fantastic variety, from perfectly round pretty white ones, to tiny little bobbly munchkins!

As you know by now I’m a budget control freak and so I started to panick a little when I couldn’t see any pumpkin price tags on the larger ones, much to my delight Scott quickly pointed out that each one had its unique price written underneath- phew!

The most expensive one we found was £2.25 and it was massive a total bargain if you ask me!

Having so much choice we decided to short list a few for Amelie to pick from. It was so adorable seeing her little mind wonder about which ones she’d like as her little pumpkin pals. After we’d picked our pumpkins, it was time for my favourite thing to do – take photos!!

I’ve never had any problem talking to people, in fact I Love it! I will talk to anyone that will listen and that includes total strangers.

In my teen years my friends would cringe like crazy when I would ask total random people to take our picture. I’d ask them to take it from different angles and we may have even changed pose a few times! But the result was a totally fab photo that captured that exact moment.

Nothing’s changed, asking a stranger to capture a moment can be so worth it! Awkward selfies with half your faces in don’t make the cut for the "Gallery wall", I can tell you that for nothing!

Our stranger was the sweetest! She turned into a pumpkin patch pro photographer and we loved her!

CrockFord have put in all the ground work for you and have created an Autumal back drop fit for a fab Insta feed! Of course all of this is totally free and you can spend as much time as you like taking as many photos as you like.

Seriously, you could make this a whole family day out and get your annual family photo taken here amongst all the Autum beauty – it would of course be very seasonal but hey what’s not to love!?

Photo success- it was time to explore!

CrockFord have a wonderful little outdoor playing area complete with a "Secret Garden" style rope swing, home made zip line, a sweet wooden tree house, a"Creepy Teepee" and a little wooden bridge which is perfect for a little make believe "Three Billy goats gruff!" style! (Yes me and Scott are the biggest kids!)

You can grab a reasonably priced cup of hot chocolate and watch your little explorers run around at their hearts content. All of which has been beautifully timed to aid their afternoon nap ?.

I couldn’t recommend it here more if I tried. There’s no entry fee (apart from half term week when it’s £1 admission), no obligigation to purchase a pumpkin and you don’t really have to buy anything if you come prepared with lunch- it can be a totally free day out!

We came home with our heart’s content and our door step Halloween Happy!

"Trick or Treat!!??"



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