A New Year State of Mind

Ah the year, the New Year.

There’s just something about the word "New" that brings so much hope and excitement to an otherwise very normal occurrence.

12 months pass, the seasons come and go, we over indulge in a beautiful collection of festivities and then we get to do it all over again. Only each time it starts all over, it’s "New" – again! It’s like life’s subtle get out of jail free card.

Each new year begins with big shiny new expectations, a new set of goals to achieve and a new sense of pride in our existence- well at least it did for me.

I’ve always been hard on myself in every aspect of my life. I firmly believe you should love what you do and strive to do it well, but I’m slowly realising in my old age (of 26) that there is no need to be hard on yourself. "Perfect" is only ever going to be "perfect" for me. It’s not everybody else’s perfect and I’m ok with that.

Throughout 2016 I found myself again. I settled into a new routine that worked perfectly for me and my family. I well and truly adapted and fell head over heels in love with my new life’s purpose of becoming a mother and I won a very tough battle with anxiety.

So the New Year for me is going to be all about staying true to the person I have become. Treasuring our beautiful marriage, creating stunning memories with our stunning daughter and making more of our dreams come true.

I’ve learnt from each of these "New years" that nothing is actually "New" about it apart from your state of mind.

I’ve realised that each and every one of us is allowed to be happy! It’s what we were created to feel- sheer happiness. We weren’t created to worry and overthink every aspect of our lives. Nor were we created to analyse anybody’s else’s life other than our own.

It’s ok to design your perfect life and go chasing after your dreams!

"Let your imagination create your life,over analyse it with your heart." – My New Years state of mind is going to last me my life time, may yours do to.

Happy New Year!



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