How to be Parisian, even in your sleep

‘A beautiful home enhances your life’, this is one of my favourite quotes, a mindset I have chosen to adopt and a lifestyle I’ve chosen to live.

Our home is our pride and joy. We take care of our minds, our hearts and our souls. So taking care of the house in which we home all these prescious things in is a true necessity.

When we decided on our Master bedroom theme we knew it had to be calming and restful. I adore Paris as it holds some of our most cherished memories and so knew I wanted to inject the Parisian glamor somewhere but as we had the carpeter coming the week after we moved in ‘Project Paris’ stayed firmly put in my imagination.

I went on to choose the warmest shade of cream paint (that wasn’t magnolia) I could and Scott and I slapped it on the walls in the wee hours whilst Amelie was asleep; we didn’t really have any concept of time anyway due to our hourly waking bundle of joy! But we just knew it had to get done.

The previous owners had opted for peach walls which really gave it a dated look, and so the warm cream paint I chose went a not so flattering shade of creamy orange! We decided to live with it as we were so I excited to get started on our grey living room, (I’d been obsessing about this room before we moved in and we had Amelies 1st birthday coming up, our opportunity to show our family and friends our new home. It was obviously much more of a priority ?).

Previous owner’s decor:

Our happy medium:

Fast forward a year Scott and I decided it was time to give our bedroom some well needed TLC, as according to Google we’ll be spending roughly 9,125 hours sleeping in here ?!

My Parisian theme was about to shine from my imagination and so theme ‘Parisian Hotel Chic’ was born!

However, the thought of having to paint all the walls white again before we even started was really putting me off! Recently we’ve felt like we’re getting our ‘us’ time back and evenings are so important to unwind, but if a beautiful bedroom would be the result an evening or two painting was a small price to pay.

So paint colour take two, or take twenty two in our case!! It took us 22 samples pots before I decided on the perfect paint. I say ‘I’ as Scott had already decided on it the week before, I just had to buy a few more to be sure ?.

If I wasn’t married to the most patient man in the world I’m sure I would be divorced by now ?!

Our bedroom is West facing and so even though we do get some sun we needed a little help making it bigger and brighter and so we opted for Dulux Space & Light Desert Wind.

Dulux’s space and light range contains light reflecting particles and so reflects twice as much light as conventional paints. Once the walls were light and bright it was time to create our feature wall. I love the design principle of wallpaper or dark paint ‘hugging the headboard’ and so when I found this stunning wallpaper by Laura Ashley I knew it would work perfectly with my original dream of dreaming Paris style! It was an absolute steal too at just £13.95 per roll!

A few months ago I found the most inspiring Insta account. If you don’t already know I LOVE Instagram, it’s a place where I find such beauty in every day life by someone just simply taking a photo of the beauty they see or have created. The interior inspiring lady over at @athomewithmx has created the most stunning modern master bedroom decor I’ve ve ever seen! When I was stuck for inspo on how to replace the standard Next flower canvas above our bed she came to my rescue!

This stunning feature combing a statement piece mirror as a final point, married with a pair of matching frames was exactly what I had been searching for. I decided to adapt Mwiza’s frames and opted for black and white photos of two of our all time favourite family memories. During our time in Paris we spent a lot of sunny hours eating crepes, lusting at the Louvre, meeting Mickey Mouse ? and just in general being stereo typical tourists! ? We didn’t however manage to make it to one of the famous Parisian flea markets. I’ve always loved the idea of floating between stalls of gorgeous flowers, furniture and fashion and finding a unique ‘one off’ piece that would ooze sophistication. And so once back home I began searching for value vintage tables!

After what felt like forever searching, my Dad (who is an antique fanatic) found the most beautiful table that was the exact colour and style I was looking for! I went on to finally finished my vision and styled it with a large vase of artifical hydrangeas, the most stunning Diptyque candle (I’ve always wanted one and received one for my birthday! ?) and a silver foil ‘It’s so good to be home’ print from @lmd_homedecor at Little Maisie Designs.

A few more finishing touches later Et Voila our Master bedroom makeover is complete!

Dreaming of Paris, nope we’re now dreaming in Paris!

Savvy Shopping list:

The Range – All frames.

Alphabet Candle – Try your local store.

Side Lamps (I changed the shade to the ones below)

Pleated lamp shade

Artificial Peonies

Champagne mirror

Damask Curtains

Curtain tie backs

So there you have it,a total room makeover for less than £150!

I hope you all love it just as much as we do!



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