Yay for Grey!

Grey skies usually results in grey moods, so who would have thought grey walls paired with grey sofas would result in an interior style match made in heaven?!

Grey has become a trend sensation with so many people catching the decorating bug, grey seems to be the obvious colour choice! My Insta feed is full of gorgeous silver toned homes boasting their latest grey accessories and I have to say I’m their biggest fan!

I started my love affair with this deceiving colour two years ago when I began searching for interior inspiration on my favourite app Instagram. With the use of the #, (the wonderful icon we’ve all become much too familiar with!) my phone began to display square after square of gorgeous grey goodness! During which I stumbled across the most gorgeous grey themed account @frulehing. This account is just so stunning and has inspired me in creating my very own grey living space.

One of my biggest tips when going grey, is to test, test and test again. This colour may seem straight forward but let me tell you it isn’t! Grey has more colours to it than a women has emotions! It’s literally the sneakiest colour of them all. Ensure you have a clean, smoothed and primed surface to apply your tester pots on and be sure to apply at least two coats. Also make sure you test your paint in different parts of the room to ensure your happy with it in all lights. Trust me on this one, it may look pale grey in one corner but you can bet your bottom dollar it will look pale purple in the other! ? Once we’d put all the greys to the test we decided on Laura Ashley Dove Grey. This stunning paint gives the most amazing coverage, it’s light enough to make any room look brighter and muted enough to give a living space the calm, serene feel it deserves.

The previous owners had plastered lining paper all over our living room walls, we knew we had to remove it to give the walls a seamless finish but we’re horrified at the colour underneath! I guess it enhances my ‘amazing coverage’ point quite nicely ?.


After :

Once the painted walls were perfect we started on our featured wall. I adore feature walls, as I feel it’s more aesthetically pleasing and adds another dimension to the room. We chose Laura Ashley’s Dove Grey Josette wall paper as its simply stunning and complimented our paint choice perfectly.



Next began the sofa search. Scott and I didn’t want to compromise on comfort as we’d previously had the most comfortable leather sofas, but knew we needed a suite to fit our new living room style. I fell in love with the curved arms and low back cushions of Harvey’s Matilda Sofa. We went to give it the ‘comfy test’ and fell head over heels! It also came in the most perfect grey (listed as Silver) and so hook, line and sinker we ordered it on the spot and haven’t looked back since.

I can’t bare a bald sofa and so quickly set about finding the perfect selection of textured scattered cushions. I only recently completed my search with the help of the Insta community and found the most perfect grey faux mongolian fur cushions from Tesco of all places! Mixed in with Scandinavian style knit cushions and a little matching Laura Ashley Josette, I feel it gives the sofa the right amount of style meets home.

And there you have it; orange, dark and ugly to modern, bright and gorgeous with just a touch of grey! Ok, so obviously wallpaper and paint alone won’t achieve a picture perfect home, accessorising is essential! Keep your eyes peeled as I’ll be sharing my savvy saving tips on how I added bargain details to our living space. Thanks for reading!



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