What a difference a floor makes

For many the kitchen is the heart of the home, this however is not the case at The Ryder Residence!

The only time you’ll catch me in there is if I’m either cleaning, washing up or making smoothies (which I’ve recently become obsessed with doing!). Scott is the chef in our house and whilst he’s pretty good, he’s no Gordon! (sssh don’t tell him I said that?), so when we began looking for our next home, a large kitchen was never on our list.

What was on our list however was to find a ‘Country style Kitchen’. I adore this style of kitchen and so was over the moon when viewing our now home for the first time as it had a beautiful country style kitchen already fitted!

Our kitchen is the perfect size for what we need right now, but who knows I may take up cooking and we may just have to have a massive kitchen complete with one of those absolutely gorgeous islands in years to come! May I just add here that I have absolutely no idea what the purpose of an island is for, other than to look gorgeous on an Insta feed of course! ?#therealislandsofinstagram ?.

Because it’s our least loved, did I just say that ? I mean least used room in the house, we had originally planned to leave it until last on our renovation list. This was of course until I received that all too golden email from my favourite interior magazine ever ‘Style At Home’ saying they’d like to feature our home in their Christmas edition!! Well that was all I needed bring ‘Project Kitchen’ forward a month or two! How on earth could I have top interior stylists and photographers see our dark walled kitchen, with holes in the floor, brown skirting boards and a ceiling that resembled an ashtray! I couldn’t, so we got stuck in.

The first thing I’d say about doing up a small kitchen is that the walls needs to be light and airy in order for the space to feel bigger, a no-brainer I know but the right paint is almost always underestimated.

The walls before were an off beige colour, they weren’t too bad but made the room look so dull. We decided to lighten them up and so went with a light cream colour to tie in nicely with our cream units. Crown’s ‘Dream white’ in silk, this colour instantly made the room look brighter and more welcoming.

Next we tackled the ceiling. Like every room in the house our ceilings were lacking a little love! We had old air vents, sooty black patches and bodged plastering attempts to contend with!

Getting the ceilings to look remotely clean again was one of the most time consuming jobs as it took two bottles of sugar scrub and four coats of white paint! But for the result we achieved it was all so worth it! Bright white ceilings are a must in small spaces, allowing light to bounce around the room, once again creating that optical illusion of greater space.

Once the ceiling and walls were complete it was onto the floor. This was the biggest task as we decided to save a little money (as per!) do it ourselves- with the help of my amazing Father in Law of course.

The previous flooring was dark squared lino with a very unattractive hole in it, which the previous owners had tried to conceal with gold pen! Why? ,who knows! Whilst it looked ok, I knew that light flooring would open up the room and give it a little bit more style.

Having fallen in love with the country cottage decor many moons ago I longed for our flooring to compliment this look and so opted for beautiful light granite tiles. Ok so that’s what they look like but in actual fact they’re not tiles at all, they’re laminate flooring! Can’t believe it, I couldn’t either it really looks this good! The flooring was such a bargain at just £23.23 per pack. The finish was better than I ever imagined, it totally transformed the room. You can buy yours here. What a difference a floor makes eh!

The floor before

Floor during (Have you ever seen my house so messy! ?)

The finished result!

Bright ceilings, bright walls and bright floors, the making of a bright beautiful kitchen!

I’m so happy with this mini make over and the Style At Home team loved our finished look too!

If you’re interested in hearing how I styled our kitchen, keep your eyes peeled for next week’s post!

And if you can’t wait until December to catch our Style At Home magazine feature, here’s me posing in our kitchen with a cuppa ?.

A sneak peak of what’s to come!



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