The Stripey Dress

Red and white for the Parisian vibe, blue and white for the stylish sailor look or black and white to look like you require a ball and chain around your ankle or that you’ve just finished your shift at Pizza Express! Whichever you associated them with, one things for sure we love stripes!

I’m quite confident in saying that at least nine out of ten of us own a stripey garment or two, am I right?!

They’re just so easy to style and so effortlessly chic.

One of my favourite striped ensembles is a classic stripey shirt tucked into skinny jeans, a stylish belt buckle exposed, paired with ankle boots and maybe a french beret thrown in for good measure.

Whilst my baby bump won’t allow me to tuck much in at the moment I chose a stripey little number that glides perfectly over the top, making this stripey dress probably one of the comfiest maternity outfits I’ve sported to date.

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Dress: Maternity At Newlook

Cardigan: FF Clothing, similar linked here.

Shoes: ASOS

Bag: Bargain Charity Shop Find, similar linked here.

I wore this outfit at the weekend to my birthday surprise afternoon tea. The extra give of the dress’s stretchy material came in very handy when tucking into my second scone!

I decided to break up the black and white stripes with my favourite coloured (blush pink if you didn’t know) ankle length cardi which I find works really well with longer dresses.

I wanted to give the dress an everyday outfit feel and so opted for my trusty pumps which I’m planning on living in this spring as they literally feel like little hugs for my feet and go with absolutely everything!

To finish off the look I teamed it with my new black chain strap bag. Ok I’ll let you into a little secret I found this little gem at my local charity shop whilst looking for an alternative camera case. I love the Olympus pen accessories, especially the elegant necklace strap and gorgeous shoulder bags but being the savvy shopper that I am I just couldn’t justify the price! So this £4 find was the next best thing and it’s absolutely perfect. It was just meant to be as my camera fits inside like a glove!

I carry it everywhere in this now, poor old Scott having this ultra feminine bag hung over his shoulder whilst trying to get good angles of a pregnant woman whose grown a few extra chins in the most random of settings!

Anyway I hope you love this outfit as much as I do and are ready to rock your stripes!



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