Why Instagram Inspires My Motherhood

Motherhood was something that didn’t come naturally to me. I struggled at first to say the very least!

I remember when I was pregnant with Amelie I would ask other Mothers I knew how they knew what to do? everyone would reply with “Oh Mother’s instinct will kick in” and others would say “you just do”, well unfortunately for me I just didn’t.

As well as the massive shock of realising that motherhood is hard, very, very hard I was also sure that Amelie, as well as other things had an allergy of some sort. Getting her booked in for tests and getting the help we needed was such a relief as it identified why we were having such a hard time with our little bundle of joy. Amelie did in fact have GORD, reflux and a Cows milk allergy, so she was given prescription milk and things began to get better.

The not so good news was that at the same time we found out about Amelie’s problem we also found out that I had an overactive thyroid and was suffering from all the symptoms under the sun!

Some days the chronic fatigue was just too much to bare, I would literally clock watch all day, eagerly waiting for Scott to get home from work.

We are incredibly fortunate in that we were able to buy our house very close to our family and so help was always on the other end of the phone, but being the very independent person that I am I hardly took the help.

During one very early morning feed, whilst the whole wide world was still asleep (apart from Amelie and I) I remembered an app that I had recently downloaded to search for wedding inspiration in. I wasn’t too sure how to properly use it but being the keen lover of photos that I am, I used it to document my pregnancy in photo form.

I opened up the app and began aimlessly scrolling until something stopped me in my tracks, a beautiful picture of a mother and her two girls snuggled up in their pyjamas. The eldest daughter was tickling her new baby sister whilst their mother enjoyed one of life’s simple luxuries a good cup of tea! The photo was light, pretty and full of happiness. The caption that went so perfectly with this beautiful moment was just so inspirational to any Mother just trying to make it through the start of the day.

I’ve followed the gorgeous Anna from @blossomingbirds ever since and can honestly say that she has inspired me every day since finding this photo.

It was from this point onwards that I would say I became an InstaFan! Something sparked inside of me, I to wanted to capture my own moments of beauty, little snippets of our day together that made my heart smile so much I wanted to share it with the world, the world of social media that is.

Each day, like every mother, Amelie and I have our moments but it’s the moments of magic that I want to preserve in my memory, capture and hold on to forever and so I began doing exactly that.

I began tapping into this app more and more for my daily dose of inspiration. Whether it was to get a deeper insight into a particular phase Amelie was going through at that time by connecting with other mothers, to gain home decor or fashion tips or just to simply find an aesthetically pleasing shot to lift my spirit and brighten my day.

A stunning capture from @saraandcatherinestales

I started following the most beautiful accounts with lovely people behind them and before long my feed was made up of pictures of all my favourite things. Scrolling through endless images of beauty captured, and beauty created was and still is my favourite pass time and helped me so much in those small newborn hours.

It reminded me that there is more to motherhood than the sleepless nights, nappy changing and second guessing yourself, not that I didn’t of course know this already but when you’re in tears at 3am trying with all your strength to get your newborn to latch, consuming yourself in guilt, it was my little moment of happiness to look back on the photos we’d posted that day or pictures that had inspired me and get excited about what the new day will have in store for us.

Today I still use Instagram for all the same reasons, but I find there is so much more sense of community now. Strength, support and solidarity from all types of accounts. Home decor, fashion bloggers, motherhood accounts, as if you think about it we’re all just doing the same thing really, sharing snippets of what we’re most proud of in a creative way, to hopefully inspire and be inspired by others in return.

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It’s with this sense of positivity and community in mind that I decided to create the hashtag #stylemotherinspire. Whether it’s a shot of your home you’ve just styled, a simple yet beautiful motherhood moment you’ve capture or your favourite outfit of the day, using this hashtag on your photos will mean that all aspects of your life simply styled can be found in one place!

Perfect to connect with other accounts who share the same passions as you.

Here are a few of my favourite photos from accounts that have already started to use #stylemotherinspire.

A stunning moment of Motherhood beauty from @topknotanddaisies

The most inspiring nursery decor and cutest photo by @vero9ca.foto

An adorable capture of beauty in everyday life from @nandawiaderna

Beauty created in such a simple and stunning way by @jemlana

I can’t wait to see more of your gorgeous photos using #stylemotherinspire and hope that in time the collection of photos that make up this hashtag will become your destination of daily motherhood inspiration.

Having the ability to see the sheer beauty of a moment even just for the time it takes to capture it I believe is a true gift and am honestly blown away by the talent and fresh outlook on life the accounts I followed give me. I myself love creating and styling shots for my feed and believe that there is magic to be had and shared in everyday!

I can’t write this post without sharing with you my absolute favourite Instagram accounts, their beyond beautiful feeds and some of my favourite Insta words of wisdom, enjoy!

Whitney from @whitneymcclellan

 Anna from  @blossomingbirds

“Pretty pics & honest captions”

Sara from @saraandcatherinestales

Cara from @the.mama.grind

Ainsley from @life_with_oaksandolive

“Finding beauty in everyday”

Emma from @littlewoodlife

Wishing you, your motherhood and your everyday life all the beauty in the world! Let’s keep finding moments, capturing happiness and remembering that no matter how hard that day may seem there’s magic to be had and a memory to be made.



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