Like Mother, like Daughter

My eldest daughter, my first born, our little bundle of joy that made me a Mother and shaped me into a parent.

I owe so much of my happiness to Amelie, some days I’m sure I need her more than she needs me. Her beautiful, kind hearted temperament and incredible way of finding the positive in absolutely everything make me so thankful and quite frankly honoured to be her Mumma.

Before Morgan came along our days were spent in our imagination. Whether that would mean at the hairdressers, in a Parisian restaurant, sometimes we’d venture all the way to Disneyland! Our little adventures are the light in my day.

I wondered how I’d be able to be the best Mother I possibly could be to both our girls. Trying to spare the time to be present in Amelie’s make believe world, whilst staying present in the real world and seeing to Morgan’s needs. I knew it would be a challenge but never in a million years did I think I would find it so emotional and feel so guilty, I mean people have more than two children and they seem to manage just fine!

No one prepares you for how to deal with your emotions and the change you see literally over night in your baby! But that’s just the thing, all of a sudden she wasn’t the baby anymore, she seemed to have grown up so much almost overnight.

If I’m being completely honest I’d totally overlooked the thought that she may struggle with her new role as big sister and how I’d feel about not being able to give her my undivided attention. The first few weeks of the adjusting period were tough to say the least, but now we seem to have found the perfect balance and I’ve never been so proud of our biggest girly.

I’m constantly astounded by the way her beautiful eyes view this world, always finding the good. It’s her kind nature and crazy advanced sentiment that literally light up my whole life.

The times when I find a massive spider in the house and she says “Don’t worry Mummy he’s a friendly one”, or during my labor with Morgan when she said “Don’t cry Mummy it will be alright”. My Dad once told her that he didn’t have enough money at the time to buy a house with a garden, her whole face lit up when she replied with “Oh I’ve got money in my piggy bank you can have Grandad Green”, my Dad and I welled up at her response! She really does have the kindest heart, she strives at just three years old to find happiness and to be kind to everyone she meets.

I believe God sends people into our lives for a reason, for a purpose and if I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times, but I’m just so thankful for this soul. Daily she lifts up my life and inspires my heart! Everyday I strive to be more and more like my daughter, my little mini me! Who am I kidding I’m a wanna be her!



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  1. June 25, 2018 / 9:05 pm

    Such a lovely post and wonderful for Amelie to look back on. It must be so hard for little ones to adjust to a new sibling, my Amelie had a rocky start but she soon settled into her role of big sister. Gorgeous photos!

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