Morgan Rose, A Birth Story

I can’t believe it’s taken me two months to share with you Morgan’s incredible birth, but you know, I’ve been pretty busy! ?

I wanted to document our story to hopefully empower other Mamas, to share my testimony to God and just so it doesn’t become a memory in my mind. I want the details to be clear, so I can relieve that day with precise clarity and feel rejoiced every single time. And let’s be honest I don’t know another mother who doesn’t want to tell the world about their strength and the little miracle they created!

My pregnancy with Amelie wasn’t like any of my expectations, I had severe Hyperemesis-gravidarum and was in and out of hospital the whole nine months. It was horrendous! She then decided to make my labour hard, enduring 48 hours of back labour! For those of you that have experienced back labour, I take my hat off to you. After experiencing that, I literally know I can achieve anything!

So I’m sure you’ll forgive me for being a little apprehensive at the thought of giving birth again!

But this time around everything was completely different. We prayed again before conceiving Morgan, but not just for God to bless us with a beautifully healthy, happy baby but for a healthy, happy pregnancy too.

Having previously found my faith (which you can read about all here), I knew I needed God to help me overcome any anxieties. I knew the Bible would give me the clarity and calm that my mind needed.

The lead up:

Towards the final weeks leading up to Morgan’s birth, I started to look for affirmations and quotes to use during labor and ways to channel all my trust upon to the Lord. I found some beautiful inspiring prayers that really resonated with me, my favourite being:

“You will keep perfect in peace, him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you. Trust in the Lord forever for the Lord, the Lord is rock eternal”- Isaiah 26:3

This passage gave me so much strength and belief in God’s plan. My friend once told me that God will only give you situations that you can handle, meaning that if you find yourself in testing times, God believes you have the strength to get through it! Always trust his plan.

The Birth:

The 4th of May 2018

I started getting contractions about 10am, but I wasn’t sure if they were actually contractions or not. Having never experience any labour pains in the front before I didn’t really know what to expect.

With each contraction I felt an overwhelming sense to grab my bible and I began praying aloud. It was the only thing I wanted to do, I knew that the minute I had my bible I would be ok. Every time I felt a surge of pain I would pray for strength and almost automatically my mind was channelled into a state of calm. It was as if my body was being calmed down for me. It was the most surreal sensation, one that I can only imagine is similar to hypno birthing.

At this point I knew that I was being looked after and just let my body do its thing without paying another thought to the pain.

They started coming a little bit more regularly so I decided it was time to call Scott and get him home from work. I remember crying whilst praying during a contraction and Amelie saying to me “It’ll be alright Mummy”, this child is amazing! I think I cried even more knowing that I created this caring soul and was about to give birth to another.

Scott arrived home in minutes and I remember saying to him that I’m still not sure if I was in active labor or not as the pain was really bareable . My Dad turned up to look after Amelie and so did my Mum who was popping in on the hop to see us all. It was really great timing having them both there.

My mum walked me through some breathing techniques which helped me to stay focused. Scott double checked our bags (for the tenth time) and I put on my face! Yup I don’t mind admitting it, I put on my make up whilst in labour! My mum kept telling me we really needed to get going, as second babies can make their appearances extremely quickly, so we listened and made our way to the hospital.

The contractions were still very manageable, so it was no surprise that after being monitored at triage I was told it was highly likely I was going to be sent back home. But I just knew, I knew that my body was ready to do this. The pressure I could feel was so low down and so intense but because of how well I was coping the midwives felt I’d be more comfortable at home.

Instead of driving back home again and risk my waters breaking whilst going over one of the many speed bumps en route, the midwives suggested I go for a walk down to the Birthing Centre. I was a low risk pregnancy this time round and so this was an option for me.

Giving birth at the Birthing Centre was not my birth plan at all, in fact when they suggested it I actually cried. My preference was for Morgan to be monitored the whole way through the birth, as with Amelie her heart rate dropped and the only way we knew she was ok was by watching the monitor.

I wanted this reassurance again with Morgan, I wanted the doctors to be seconds away, I wanted the choice of all pain reliefs, I wanted whatever intervention I needed to get our baby out safely. Never in a million years did I think I could do it all on my own with just my Husband and God by my side.

At 11.15am I managed to waddle to the birthing centre, (which is just a minute walk away from this hospital) but by this point the contractions were coming thick and fast! I had to keep stopping and holding onto Scott to help me through each one. Luckily he’d taken note when my mum showed me the breathing techniques and was absolutely amazing.

As soon as we made it through the birthing center doors I felt a gush of water, but it didn’t feel how I was expecting it too. We were ushered into one of the beautiful birthing suites and then left alone. Totally different to on the Labour Ward! I knew something wasn’t right with my waters and since no one had offered to check, I decided to look for myself.

Just like I thought it wasn’t right, we called for the midwife who then explained we’d have to go back up to the labor ward as I was no longer a, low risk pregnancy because of the amount of meconium my waters. She left the room to go and find a wheelchair but I knew I was not going anywhere! I knew it was happening.

All of a sudden and completely unintentionally my whole body began bearing down, I literally had no control over my body. All I could do was wrap my hands around Scott’s neck and put all my weight onto him. I couldn’t believe the strength I saw in Scott. He was my absolute rock, I couldn’t of got through it without him. As you can imagine my prayers started to change, I start praying aloud prayers of sheer thanks! We were totally alone in the room but I knew it was happening so Scott ran outside to find the nearest midwife.

Just seconds after him leaving the room (which felt like forever) three midwives came rushing in as well as a machine that sent my anxiety through the roof. I knew this wasn’t the ideal place for me to give birth after seeing the amount of meconium in my waters but I knew I had no choice.

I was helped onto a bean bag where I had to ask for gas and air, I’m sure I wouldn’t of been given any had I not of asked for it!

After just a few pushes and a couple of “I can’t do this”, “Where are the forceps?!”, “Scott, why aren’t they getting the forceps?!” (little did I know there aren’t any forceps at the Birth Center! ?) Our beautiful Morgan Rose was born and crying away on my chest. Just 39 minutes after arriving at the door of the Birth Centre!

I remember Scott kissing my head whilst I said almost shouting “Thank you Lord, thank you so, so much!”,it was incredible.

Her cries were such a relief to everyone in the room and the frightening looking machine was swiftly taken away.

It all happened so incredibly fast, I found it hard to catch my breath. I couldn’t stop shaking, it was extremely surreal.

I remember saying to the midwife “Um, is everything ok?” I honestly felt like I’d inconvenienced them. No one expected it to happen that quickly, but I guess God was ready to show off his latest beautiful creation!

I felt completely empowered by this birth, it reconfirmed to me the power of prayer, the love of God in our life and the sheer strength of women.

We are real creators of miracles, I believe that with God all things are possible.



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