Our Family Day Out With Peppa Pig

If your little ones are anything like ours, then they will also be the biggest fans of the happy little red dress wearing pig named Peppa!

A familiar name within the family household after Peppa’s adventures with her little brother George became our daughter’s favourite show.

Last week Amelie got to adventure herself in Peppa’s world! We started our half term off with a bang and surprised Amelie with a trip to Paulton’s Park, the home of Peppa Pig world!

Amelie was overjoyed when she spotted the Peppa signs in the car park and couldn’t quite believe where we were! We took Amelie here for her second birthday last year and she has been desperate to explore Peppa’s world again ever since!

Map ready in hand and so much excitement in her heart we set off to explore!

The first thing that greets you at the beginning of your adventure is the amount of colour this little world has! From multi coloured hot air balloons to pink frosting covered walls!

Two brand new rides have been added to the park since we last visited so we decided to start our day off there. Being half term we expected the queues to be super long but because of the brilliant staff at Paultons Park the rides were managed like clockwork, the queues kept on moving and we remained happy!

Grampy Rabbits sailing club boats were everything and more than what we expected. For starters the whole family can ride which meant Morgan got to experience her first taste of the excitement!

We got to ride around a beautifully Peppa themed stream in our very own boat. This was my favourite ride of the day, seeing Amelie wave to her most adored furry friends was wonderful.

I loved how bright this part of the park is, so much colour in one place can only make you feel nothing but happiness!

After we’d docked our boat, we asked Amelie where she wanted to go next, she replied with “Can I meet Peppa now please Mummy!” whilst jumping up and down with excitement. We made our way over to Peppa’s house when Amelie squealed “Look there’s George too!”. We joined the queue of other excited boys and girls all hoping to meet the main guys themselves! Before we knew it, it was our turn, but as we walked up the steps we were politely told that Peppa needed to have a quick drink. Amelie couldn’t work out why Peppa was walking away from her, but quickly realised that George was still there ready and waiting to give her a hug! What I thought was going to be a disaster turned out to be Amelie’s favourite part of the day as whilst Peppa was refuelling Amelie got to have a dance off with George! It was absolutely brilliant and she even got a round of applause from everyone else still waiting in the queue!

By this point we’d really worked up an appetite so we decided to grab some lunch. Peppa Pig world at Paultons park offers a great selection of food options. You can also bring along with you your own packed lunch which is brilliant if you’re wanting to keep your day to a budget. We opted for pizza with doughnuts to follow! It was such a treat.

There’s even a little pound complete with a family of ducks that really make you feel your lunching at Peppa’s park!

Once we refuelled we took one look at our map and knew exactly where to go next, George’s dinosaur adventure ride!

Amelie remembered this ride from before so it must of been good! You get to ride on George’s beloved dinosaur, hopping up and down passing his friends on your way. Scott absolutely loved this ride too!

Next up were the cars at Daddy Pigs car ride!

This appeared to be a very popular ride so the queue was a little longer than the others we’d been in but we were all so excited it felt like we got to the front of the queue in a flash. There was just enough time to take some queue line shots!

We were all able to take a short commute in a Peppa themed automobile. We even managed to ride in Amelies favourite colour car- the pink one!

We love rides and always try to do as many as we can, but if you find yourself wanting to have more of a relaxed day Peppa Pig world have an exciting playground for your little one’s to explore as well as an amazing indoor soft play suitable for all ages. I was so pleasantly surprised by how clean the soft play was and how big the play frame is.

Before we knew it we were choosing our last ride to enjoy, Peppa’s big balloon ride!

Scott stayed with Morgan so it was time for me to make some memories with my biggest girl and we did exactly that!

Soaring high in the sky, whizzing around and around, I honestly don’t think we’ve ever laughed so much!

Seeing how happy the girls were throughout the whole day was beautiful! When we arrived, throughout the day and when it was time to go home Amelie said ”Thank you Mummy and Daddy for bringing me here”, it was the cutest thing.

But we couldn’t end our day without a trip to the Peppa store! Amelie was in her absolute element with rows upon rows of cuddly Peppa’s and toy friends, it was an attraction in itself!

We bought some of Amelie’s pocket money with her and let her choose a toy of her choice. She went for a gorgeous Emily the Elephant cuddly and I can tell you it hasn’t left her side since!

I can honestly say that our day out at Peppa Pig World was one of the best family days we’ve ever had!

I would recommend this wonderful world to all Peppa fans, parents and littles. It’s a place the whole family can enjoy and where you can let your little ones lose themselves in their imagination, what more would you want for a family day out.


*Disclaimer: we were kindly gifted our PR tickets to Paulons Park in exchange for a review. All opinions stated are of my own and genuine opinion. Please see my full disclaimer policy here.


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