Cleaning made easy with the Eufy Robovac 30C

If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know that becoming a Mother was an absolute dream come true!

We moved out of our one bed flat and into our three bed first proper family home shortly after Amelie was born. We then completely renovated every room, it was a labour of love but we’re so proud of it!

Having put so much of our sweat, time and tears into it I strive to always keep our home looking it’s best! Scott and I are extremely house proud which works well as we both work together to keep a tidy home.

This house is our perfect home but if I’m honest now that we have two little ones running around and messing up the place, I’ve found my cleaning routine a little overwhelming as I just can’t find the time.

I want to spend any spare time I may have making memories with our girls. I strive to be completely present, seeing to their every need but the housework still needs to get done.

We’d heard about the Eufy Robovac and thought it sounded amazing but it wasn’t until we actually had one ourselves that we found out just how incredible it is! It honestly has given me such peace of mind when it comes to spring cleaning our home. I can set a cleaning schedule and let the Robovac do it’s thing without batting another eyelid!

Not only does it allow me to always have both hands free, but it also gives me so much more free time too! I’m no longer fretting about when I’m going to find the time to clean the floors or feeling guilty about choosing chores over playtime with the girls.

It’s a Pure Power Puck which sucks up dirt and dust with 1500pa of suction which you can really see.

With an endurance of 100 mins per charge you get a totally clean home from a single charge! It’s just so effortless.

One of the things I wondered about the Robovac was how would it know where to go and not bump into things? But it actually does stays completely within the borders of the boundary strips and has not one but nine anti-collision infrared sensors which prevent it from bumping into things making it the most stress-free cleaning experience.

I literally don’t have to lift a finger apart from picking up the control to press go that is!

The RoboVac 30C has given me complete peace of mind, I know that the hovering is taken care and our home will remain clean. Our days can now be filled with love, mess and play that I know will be easily tidied away.

The girls absolutely love chasing it around and watching it do it’s thing. They’re mesmerized by it, as are we!

Head over to my Instagram account at @life.simply.styled to watch how the Robovac has become a firm family favourite.

Don’t forget to check out the Eufy Robovac Instagram account @eufyofficial and visit their website for my details on this revolutionary product.

I honestly couldn’t recommend the Robovac more highly. For busy mums striving to find more time with their babies or just some time for their selves then this is the product for you!

If like me you feel like you need this is your life then click here to take an amazing 25% off your Eufy Robvac 30C!

Until next time lovelies, stay simply styled.



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