My Top Teething Tips

Teething, it’s a word that no mother will ever say with joy! It really is one of the toughest stages to go through, not only for our little ones but for our sanity too!

Cue sleepless nights, non stop dribbling and seeing your baby so uncomfortable with pain you feel like your heart could break.

I know that I’m not alone in saying that finding good teething products that really work is like gold dust! We’ve tried so many in the past and nothing really made a difference until we discovered Nelson’s Teething Granules

So with this in mind my first top tip when it comes to teething would have to be ” Find one that works”.

Now this can be everything from the taste to the texture, if your baby likes the product you’re using you’ll find it so much easier to console them.

Teetha is a trusted brand among us parents so you know you’re in good hands, but what’s more is that their teething range has two options, the Teething Granules and a Teething Gel.

I found this gave me a 24 hour solution to Morgan’s teething pain. I use the Granules during the day when we’re at home, then I find the gel really handy to pop in my changing bag and use when we’re out. I then prefer using the gel again during the night should Morgan need it as it’s so effortless to use.

Top tip number two, “Get recommendations from your fellow Mummas”

I was first introduced to the Teetha Teething Granules by a friend of ours who swore by them. I remember being at my absolute wit’s end with Amelie and her teething pains. This was almost four years ago but I remember it like it was yesterday. She would scream and be absolutely inconsolable until I popped the granules in her mouth. She then returned to her happy wonderful self and Morgan is exactly the same.

They are absolute magic and are the only thing we use with Morgan. I also now find myself recommending them to anyone I hear who is in need of an amazing teething product. Reading up on a product’s ingredients is one thing but actually listening to real life experiences of a product that was really effective is the best thing you can do.

My third top tip would be to try and learn your baby’s symptoms.

I know it sounds a bit bizarre but there’s been a few times where I’ve misread Morgan’s teething pain for hunger. I’ve now started to pick up on her symptoms and know exactly when she’s teething.

Before using the Teetha Granules she’s so irritable, her cheeks are rosy, her gums appear sore, she’s dribbling more than usual and chewing trying to bite down on whatever she can.

After I’ve popped the granules in her mouth she’s instantly calmer. The high colour on her cheeks goes down, her gums are soothed and the dribbling eases. It’s the most wonderful transformation to watch.

So there you have it my top three teething tips to help you with your baby’s teething journey.

I honestly couldn’t recommend the Nelson’s teething range more highly, they’re an absolute lifesaver. Motherhood is so challenging so lets use amazing products that are there to help us make it that little bit easier. You can find the Teetha range at Boots, Superdrug and Holland & Barrett.

Head over to the @Teethauk Instagram account now to find and connect with more mother’s on their teething journey.

They’re a product I know I can always trust, no matter what I know the Teetha teething range won’t ever let us down!

Don’t forget to check out their website here .

If you’re reading this right now and are experiencing a tough time with your little one’s teething symptoms then I want to tell you that you’re already doing the most amazing job! Nothing is tougher than you are, not even teething, you’ve got this Mumma!




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