Unsnuffle your babe with Snufflebabe {AD}

Picture this, you’ve finally just settled your baby down for the night. You try to tiptoe out of her nursery only to hear her little cries again and you just know it’s because her cute, tiny but stuffy nose is keeping her awake. This was me on day one when Morgan Rose caught her first cold!

We were completely unprepared as being in the midst of summer we didn’t expect our baby to of caught a cold! I remembered one of my baby shower gifts was a gorgeous hamper of baby products including the Snufflebabe vapour rub. We had been recommended this amazing product when Amelie was little as it is gentle enough to use on babies from +3 months. I remembered it being incredible back then and knew it would be just as amazing now with Morgan too.

The vapour worked like magic allowing Morgan to breathe easy again. She was able to at last drink her milk which resulted in one very content baby indeed!

Snufflebabe is the UK’s No.1 baby nasal decongestion range. Created for parents by medical experts the range works to gently decongest the nasal passage allowing our babies to breath better and feel happier.

It’s trusted by mums up and down the country. At times their clever products can not only make our children happier but us mums too, after all, unblocked noses make for content babies.

We’ve been using the Snufflebabe range for years and can honestly say we love it. I know that no matter the month I can always trust in snufflebabe to help unblock the girl’s stuffy sinuses.

The range is made up of 5 genius products, all ready to work their magic whenever you need them.

There’s the nasal drops, nasal spray, a vapour oil and nasal aspirator.

Having five different products to choose from means there’s something for all babies. Every child is so different, what works really well for one, may not be the best choice for another.

Amelie and Morgan are just so alike but they’re absolute chalk and cheese at the same time.

When Amelie has a blocked nose, she is so uncomfortable. She gets really frustrated with not being able to breathe properly and gets so upset from her nose feeling so stuffy. She finds the Snufflebabe vapour oil really comforting. We pop a few drops onto a little hanky and she snuggles with it at bedtime. It eases her congested little nose allowing her to have a restful nights sleep.

Morgan on the other hand is so wriggly and hard to pin down we find the vapour rub and nasal spray works best for her.

The vapour rub is so easy to apply and massage in. I find the best time to apply is just after Morgan’s bath when she’s all relaxed and ready for bed. It ensures she has a beautiful night sleep.

The nasal spray is great for unsettled babies who wake though the night due to congestion. It disperses the spray quickly and directly making it so simple and effective to use.

Snufflebabes nasal drops are another favourite in our house hold. I love the size of this product and use it as my “on the go” go to product when the girls have colds as it’s the perfect size to pack in my changing bag.

The fifth and final product that completes the range is the nasal aspirator. When muscus is so stubborn that it won’t be moved by the spray or drops, the aspiror will enable you to safely suck away the mucus, clearing the nasal passage and resulting in the return of your happy little bundle of joy.

The Snufflebabe range can be used all throughout the year from birth and the vapour rub from +3months. I was so thankful when I discovered this range when Amelie was newborn as I didn’t think anything would be made for babies this young.

It completely put my mind at rest and gave me the confidence I needed as a newborn mum knowing my baby was in good hands.

We particularly love using Snufflebabe in the winter months when the common cold strikes and at summertime to treat those pesky hayfever symptoms.

You can purchase the Snufflebabe range from Boots, Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s Morrisons and independent pharmacies.

The girls are so much happier when their not bunged up, sniffling all the time or having to run away from me constantly trying to wipe their noses!

Snugglebub helps them to get back to themselves, the two happy little princesses that they are, well most of the time anyway!

We’re all so happy to see the safe arrival of the new beautiful baby boy Archie and know that with Snufflebabe every baby can feel like a Prince or princess!

AD- This post was proudly written in collaboration with Snufflebabe. All items featured in this post were gifted to us apart from the vapour rub. All opinions stated are of my own and integral view.



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