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One of the most important steps of my makeup routine is filling in my eyebrows. I feel like it completely changes my face by defining my eyes.

But I have to admit it is a lengthy process, getting them as symmetrical as possible takes more time than I actually ever had! Can you imagine my joy when my friend Jennie started talking to me about Ombré Brows, a technique that gives you the most beautiful, natural looking brows that stay semi permanent on your skin.

It sounded like just what I needed, no more setting aside that extra five minutes to fill in my eyebrows, no more stressing over which one’s higher than the other, absolutely everything would be shaped for me and there when I wake up- what a dream!

I didn’t need to hear anymore and asked where I signed up lol! I knew I was in such good hands with Jennie as she has over ten years experience in the industry. Jennie began her career as a beautician in 2002, she qualified with Karen Betts at Nouveau Contour and in 2008 went on to become a semi permanent Make Up Artist. She since went on to train with companies such as Natural Enhancement and Scott Triggs of CosmedicsFX and then trained with Phibrows for microblading in 2018.

She’s so incredibly passionate about giving women confidence by enhancing their brows, that really shone through to me through Jennie’s personable awe, she’s a true perfectionist and wouldn’t settle for anything other than the best!

These days eyebrows are so important to everyone, gone are the days of eyebrows being over looked. They’re now probably one of the most talked about parts of a person’s make up and so they have to be perfect! The term “Eyebrows on Fleek” (which I received the day after my Ombré brow treatment) has been my best compliment to date!

On the day of my treatment, I wasn’t nervous at all, it hadn’t really crossed my mind what the process entailed if I’m honest as I was just so excited to get started!

I arrived and met Jennie who was setting everything up. The location for my treatment was the absolutely stunning Collections Hair Salon in Weybridge. I’ve been to many a salon in my time and I can hands down say that this was the most elegant of salons I’ve ever stepped foot in! It really made me feel like a celeb, pampering myself in such a luxury environment.

Once the room was ready, Jennie started to discuss with me the best shape for my brows. With Jennie’s guidance we decided to go for a shape similar to my own brows as in Jennie’s words “why fix it if it’s not broken”.

I noticed that Jennie had a very good understanding of the skin and paid so much importance to her hygiene standards which is so important to me and to consider yourself when looking for a permanent make up artist.

To get a good guide of the desired shape Jennie then went on to stencil over my brow, to get the shape precise she used a tool to ensure my brows were as symmetrical as possible.

I was so happy with the look of my brows just with the pencil alone, I couldn’t wait for the finished looked. Once Jennie was happy she set about starting the treatment.

The machine that is used to create the Ombré Brow look is called a Zenus wireless Macpen.

If you didn’t know, Ombré Brows means to create a dark to light transition in the brow giving definition at the bottom and a faded faded soft top line.

The micro-pigmentation process is achieved by using the machine and implanting tiny pixels of pigment into the skin with a needle to create a soft shadow beneath the brow hair. It’s super clever stuff, something that you have to be so well trained in and in my optioned talented it to create this gorgeous desired look.

I like to think I have a good pain threshold as I wouldn’t really of said the machine was “painful” I could definitely feel it doing its thing but I would say it was very manageable, like a light tapping sensation on my brow bone. I was really very pleasantly surprised as after a while I was so used to the feeling it actually became quite therapeutic for me!

Once the treatment was complete I was able to check out my new brows for the first time and I was completely wowed!! I felt so emotional as it has totally out done all of my expectations.



I remember saying to Jennie that I felt “pretty” something which I never feel. Don’t get me wrong some days I’ll think to myself “oh yes, today my make up looks good” but never do I think of myself as pretty.

The shape of my new brows were so neat and beautifully sculpted it honestly gave me so much confidence instantly.

To anyone considering semi permanent make up, I can’t tell you how much I think you should go for it! I’d highly recommend Jennie, not only because of her expertise in the field but also for her keen eye to achieve perfection, talent when it comes to creating dreamy brows but also just how safe you feel in her professional hands.

An amazing experience, one that I’m so fortunate to have had! I’m super excited for my top up already!

Click here to see more of Jennie’s amazing work and how to book an appointment with her. Stop having brow envy, start lusting over your very own beautiful brows!

As always, until next time lovelies, stay simply styled!



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